In another form, politics has a lot to say about whether to go to the poor of Mayor Park Won-soon or not. The workshop is taking place as major opposition parties say they will not go to the condolences for various reasons.

Reporter Kim Min-jung.

<Reporter> During the

2011 Mayoral election in Seoul, Mayor Park Won-soon and Ahn Cheol-soo, the leader of the National Assembly, resigned while unifying candidates.

"It is not a death in public affairs, but I can't agree to have a funeral on the 5th of Seoul," he said.

The leader of the United Party, which delayed the moratorium yesterday (10th), also overturned the plan today.

Chairman Jong-In Kim's emergency preparedness schedule was canceled today at 3 o'clock.

"We decided to watch the situation a little more because of allegations of sexual harassment," an official at the UNDP said.

Rep. Ha Tae-kyung said, "Seoul's funeral is a second offense to victims, and far from the victim-centeredism that government officials, including the deceased, have allegedly claimed."

When Choi Min-hee, former Democratic Party member Choi Min-hee, was aiming for a justice party that was not concerned about the second offense, Professor Chung Joong-kwon, a former professor at Dongyang University, said, "Isn't it appropriate to say that it is not appropriate to go to someone who has suffered a woman?" I received it.

As the voice of the need to take into account the secondary damages grew, the Democratic Party also began to brake on the second assault.

"Indiscriminate robbery and criticism should stop," he wrote in a brief comment.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, Video editing: Kim Sun-tak) 

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