It has been a tough spring for the tourist companies. Hotels and holiday rentals have been severely affected by travel restrictions during the corona pandemic and major events such as Dalhalla, Vasaloppet's summer week and Vansbro swimming have been forced to cancel.

But now bookings have grown at a rapid pace and are at about the same level as at this time last year.

- The valleys are traditionally an outdoor destination with many outdoor activities and a lot of space. So you don't need to be crowded anywhere, which I think visitors think is quite important right now, says Fredrik Nilsson, at Visit Dalarna.

Concern for the fall

Anders Åkerblad, CEO of Åkerblad's hotel in Tällberg, notices a large increase in the number of tourists and has more than 90 percent occupancy at the hotel. But there is already a concern about how autumn will be.

- When the tourist season is over, we don't know what it will be like. The conferences have, after all, disappeared altogether, says Anders Åkerblad.

"Don't want to queue"

However, some visitors are not good at sticking to the pandemic guidelines. According to the county administrative board, several actors report that there is congestion - something that Anders Åkerblad notices.

- There are always those who do not want to queue and wait for their turn. It is difficult to control, because we cannot stand as policemen and guard all the time, he says.