- Who did this? asked the Mercedes F1 team on Twitter.

Someone had gone to an internet map service and created a place for the Austrian Red Bull Ring track area called Bottas' Moving Service.

This so-called placeholder is placed off-track in a bend where Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas drove out in time last Saturday.

“All right, as long as I’m mowing a little lawn here,” Bottas reported on team radio at the time, after driving out and circling the grass.

“This vehicle mows the grass much better than the lawn mower found in my home,” Bottas sculpted.

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Core's narrator Niki Juusela also called Bottas' car “the most expensive lawnmower in the world” in a live broadcast, when a Finnish driver rolled along the grass bordering the track.

Mercedes promised an interesting reward to the map funder if his identity is revealed.

- If we find the person who did this, the VB and W11 car will mow your lawn - probably, Mercedes tweeted.

Bottas ’runout happened in the last quick lap of the time trials. Lewis Hamilton continued to drive in full despite the yellow flags, which brought him a starting screen penalty for Sunday’s race.

Despite his mistake, Bottas got a pole position and drove to win the Sunday race.

Bottas lawn mowing service. At your disposal?

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma