A study commissioned by Nokian Tires found out which issues most commonly interfere with Finns' concentration in traffic. According to the respondents, by far the most common distraction in traffic is the behavior of other motorists, which was chosen by 47% of the respondents. When answering the question, one could choose up to three factors that most often interfere with one's own concentration.

Hanging the phone on the ear or pinching it while driving is the second biggest distraction in traffic, according to respondents (31 percent). The third most common reason for slowing down concentration is considered to be navigation and finding the right route (29 percent).

- The use of different devices is a conscious risk factor in traffic. In addition to using a mobile phone, the driver's attention may shift away from driving because in newer cars, many functions are used via the display. Navigating the menus interferes with concentration more than just pressing a physical button, says Mikko Järvinen, Product Manager at Nokian Tires.

The use of the devices while driving is also related to the fact that listening to music and choosing channels or playlists disturbs ten percent of Finnish drivers. Four percent of respondents admit that watching sports or watching TV series while driving is among the most common distractions.

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The survey, commissioned by Nokian Tires, was carried out by the YouGov research institute in February-March 2020, and was answered by 1,000 Finns.