Anyone traveling from Germany to England no longer has to go into quarantine. This Friday ends the regulation for dozens of countries and overseas territories that the UK government believes are tackling the corona pandemic. In addition to Germany, these include France, Spain and Italy. The USA, the country with the highest number of corona cases and deaths worldwide, is not among them.

While many other states already introduced entry stops and quarantine regulations in March or April, the two-week self-isolation requirement across the UK only started in early June. Britain is the most affected country in Europe by the pandemic. More than 288,000 infections have been detected and more than 44,000 infected have died. In the meantime, the infection process has weakened. Several countries are again exempt from the travel warning for British citizens. Depending on the development, the government wants the quarantine rules and other regulations to come into effect again.

The British government also announced further easing for England. Minister of Culture and Sports Oliver Dowden announced that outdoor pools would reopen on Saturday. Indoor pools, gyms and other sports facilities would follow on July 25th. This also means that team sport outdoors will soon be possible again. The beginning of next weekend will be leisure cricket. Outdoor performances such as theater plays, operas, dance and music would also be permitted. But the audience must adhere to distance rules, it said.

The changes will only apply to England for the time being - an indication of the tensions between Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government and the semi-autonomous administrations in the rest of the UK: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is particularly critical of Johnson's approach to corona easing and has chosen a more cautious approach.

Corona measures - Before the second wave Not so bad anymore? Pandemics also flared up surprisingly in the past. What past mistakes we shouldn't repeat at Corona. © Photo: Western Neighborhoods Project / / Berlin State Library ZEFYS