10 July 2020Huawei has not been invited to the tender for the supply of 5g equipment for the network that Telecon Italia is preparing to build in Italy and Brazil. The companies formally invited by Tim to the selection process are Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco, Mavenir and Affirmed Networks, a company recently purchased by Microsoft. Huawei's leaders in Italy and Brazil - according to the Reuters agency - declined to comment on the news. Tim's move comes after the rumor circulated in recent days that Italy was considering whether to exclude the Chinese giant Huawei from the construction of the new generation networks. This was due to concerns that 5G could open the way for China to spy on the main telecommunications networks in the western world, with serious consequences for security. A concern among other things repeatedly expressed by the US, which in recent months have continued to put pressure on this in the sense of European allies