10 July 2020 The Giallorossi government is preparing to change the sports reform approved a year ago by the yellow-green one. The draft text prepared by Minister Spadafora on the one hand would strengthen Coni and on the other would provide for more restrictive rules regarding the political life of the same body. The text would in fact reduce, among other things, the limit of the mandates that had extended the Democratic Party, with the consequent impossibility for Giovanni Malagò to be able to apply again for the next Olympic four-year period. The same limit would also apply to members of the board but not to federal presidents. It would be a 'counter-reform' which would surpass the assumptions on which the previous reform of the sport wanted by the former Undersecretary Giancarlo Giorgetti was based. Somehow restored the previous system, the Coni would buy back spaces and seats previously reduced by the same reform. In terms of influence on the territory, the range of action of Sport and Health would be partially circumscribed, the body born just over a year ago and which replaced the old Coni Servizi. Indeed, the birth of the new sports department with extensive skills would be confirmed.