Death of Lara van Ruijven 2 minutes ago

Van Ruijven was the reigning world champion in the 500 meters, a title she captured in Sofia last year. At the Pyeongchang Olympic Games in 2018, she took bronze with the Dutch team in the 3,000 meter relay.

Death of Lara van Ruijven 3 minutes ago

Some members of the national short track team, with whom Van Ruijvenin Font Romeu stayed, said goodbye to their teammate in the hospital. The training camp in the Pyrenees would last until next weekend, after which a short holiday was already planned. It is not yet known when drivers and staff will return to the Netherlands.

Death of Lara van Ruijven 4 minutes ago

Since June 29, Van Ruijven's condition has been critical. Despite some surgeries, there has been no improvement in recent days and new complications have emerged that initially appeared to be under the control of physicians. "This morning, however, came the bad news that healing was out of the question," the KNSB said in a press release. "At the beginning of the evening, Lara died in front of her loved ones."

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Death of Lara van Ruijven 11 minutes ago

Short track star Lara van Ruijven (27) passed away
Short track star Lara van Ruijven passed away tonight at the age of 27, reports skating association KNSB. She was in the ICU department of Perpignan hospital since June 29, where she was kept in an artificial coma after being admitted to health. In the hospital, an autoimmune reaction led to serious complications.

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