• The Pope appoints Draghi as a member of the Academy of Social Sciences
  • Coronavirus, Draghi in the Financial Times: act immediately to avoid economic depression
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  • Talks in Rome between Di Maio and the German minister Maas, then visit to Spallanzani
  • Di Maio: key transatlantic link in Italian foreign policy


10 July 2020A meeting that provokes indiscretions, clarifications, reactions between political forces. According to reports from the news agency Adnkronos in recent days there was a meeting between the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and the ex president of the ECB, Mario Draghi. There would have been an exchange of views on the political and economic situation between the two.

The minister met the former president of the ECB on 24 June as part of the "usual institutional meetings that the foreign ministry owner usually has with other institutional authorities. It was a positive and fruitful meeting", sources from the foreign ministry said. "At the heart of the talks are the European dossiers - specify the same sources - by virtue of the role played by Mario Draghi at the top of the European Central Bank.

League: "It seems normal, but does M5S have nothing to say?"
"I do not see anything strange, it is normal for a foreign minister to speak with a former president of the ECB, given that there are at stake European packages of resources to be allocated to EU countries for the coronavirus emergency". Riccardo Molinari, the leader of the League in Montecitorio, says so. "It seems completely normal to me, I don't see anything else behind it," says the Northern League group leader in Montecitorio. "Instead, ask his party mates, the 5Stelle, if they have nothing else to say ...", he concludes ironically.

Fdi: "Di Maio report to parliament on meeting with Draghi"
"Di Maio, an international speck, meets Draghi and with a frown that would envy Lapalisse, he makes it known that he meets many people: as if he were at the bar in Pomigliano d'Arco with friends of youth. The problem is the content of his talks, the mandate received, the reason for the secrecy of the meeting with Draghi. Is there a streaming? Di Maio come to report to Parliament about the meeting, the content of the talks, the position possibly spent in the name and on behalf of Italy. The soul of the grill has already been sold to the Chinese and European salons, but Italy and its economy are not in the availability of Di Maio, a cheap salesman for every good and the value it possesses ", declared Andrea Delmastro, member of the Brothers of Italy and FDI group leader in the Foreign Affairs Committee.