Corona 19 is rapidly spreading from Japan to the capital city of Tokyo.

According to a report by NHK, today's (10th) Tokyo, Governor Yuriko Koike, said in a news conference today that 243 new corona19 confirmed persons were identified.

Yesterday, after 224 corona19 confirmers came out of Tokyo yesterday, it reached a record high for the second straight day after surpassing 206 on April 17.

As a result, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Tokyo increased to 7,515, NHK said.

Yesterday there were 355 new confirmed people across Japan.

As the Japanese government eases restrictions on hosting large-scale events and promotes resumption of economic activities, infections are spreading again around bars and entertainment establishments.

In Tokyo, about 75% of confirmed cases were in their 20s and 30s yesterday, and about 46% of confirmed cases were not identified.