A tram line 1 in Nantes. - FABRICE ELSNER / 20MINUTES

  • Several projects will concern line 1 of the tramway in Nantes this summer.
  • As usual, other works will be carried out while the city will pass at 30km / h.

What would Nantes be without its LU tower, its castle and… its summer works? This year again, several projects are scheduled in the streets of the City of the Dukes. The most important, in terms of consequences for the inhabitants, will probably be that which will concern line 1 of the tram. Indeed, 450m of rails, worn out after 20 years, will be replaced between Mendès-France and Romain Rolland. Work will also target the overhead contact line which supplies the tramway with electricity. At the Gare-Maritime stop, the tram track must also be stabilized.

Result, line 1 will be half cut, between Commerce and François Mitterrand, from August 1 to 9. But the disruption will begin on Monday for the Bellevue sector: trams will not run beyond Jamet station ... Residents of the west of the city will therefore have to use their feet or the tram relay buses to reach the city center.

Summer works: renovation and securing on line # Tan1 🚧, the bus takes over. Check your routes and timetables 😉.https: //t.co/zLsFxQNqP1#Tan #Nantes pic.twitter.com/WrgJa0OYJy

- Tan Network (@reseau_tan) July 6, 2020

The city will pass at 30 km / h

They will notably be able to observe that the major Commerce-Feydeau works, slowed down by the health crisis, will continue. And get even harder since the earthworks and paving of the Place du Commerce begin, in phases. The major work on the tram platform (rails, platforms, bus shelters, etc.) has been postponed until next summer. Prepare for a complete station closure for 2021!

Elsewhere in the city, several major axes will be disrupted due to the deployment of the heating network (beware of the Rennes road or Lorette-de-la-Refoulais street). Anyway, it will be an opportunity to ease off since the Nantes town hall announces that the transition to 30 km / h will be made this summer (outside the major axes). Arrangements for bikes must continue, as on the route de Clisson or rue d'Allonville. Road works are finally planned here and there, like the Cours des 50-Otages, the Paris route, or the Audibert bridge (closed ten days from July 27).

Nantes Métropole, which indicates that "a campaign to renew sick trees is also planned, ensures that the organization of the work has been" optimized to limit discomfort ".


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