10 July 2020 The Financiers and Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Caltanissetta have carried out an order of precautionary measures against 16 people (local administrators, public managers, entrepreneurs and professionals), all political and entrepreneurial personalities operating in the municipality of Santa Caterina Villarmosa, investigated in various capacities, criminal association, bribery, corruption, disturbed freedom of charms and false ideology, abuse of office. The investigations, directed by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Prosecutor of Caltanissetta, originate from the "Pandora" operation on mafia infiltrations in the municipality of S. Cataldo, with hypotheses also corruptive of public officials in competition with local entrepreneurs. Exactly the examination of the seized documentation against an entrepreneur involved, was the starting point of the latest investigations. In 2019 searches had already been carried out which affected the municipal offices and homes of the people involved. A series of illicit business connections between professionals, businesses and administrators of the Municipality of Santa Caterina Villarmosa have been revealed.

The investigations made it possible to identify a persistent "bribery-corruption system" at the top of which, according to the accusations, the mayor, Antonino Fiaccato, placed himself, with the conscious contribution of trusted collaborators identified by himself and also appointed as members of the Municipal Council in office, among which the figure of the vice mayor Agatino Macaluso, of the councilor Giuseppe Natale and of Calogero Rizza stands out, a real interface between the political component and the entrepreneurs. In their regard, the judge for preliminary investigations considered the existence of a serious circumstantial framework also for criminal association. The function allowance provided for their office and further favors bestowed generously were the reward for their support for the mayor's illegal conduct. On the contrary, municipal employees and politicians who stood in conflict were marginalized and forced to resign if they did not bend to his will. The "corruptive system" was also fueled by the complacent and interested audience of companies and professionals attracted by the possibility of obtaining assignments and assignments of works, services and supplies from the same Municipality in defiance of every rule.