Coinciding with the return of normalcy in various fields and sectors and supporting business continuity, the Cabinet adopts amendments to a package of decisions in the identity and nationality sector

The decisions include stopping the implementation of the decisions related to the residence of expatriates, visas, entry permits and ID cards as of July 11, 2020 and instructing the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to start collecting the fees due for providing services as of July 12, 2020 

The Cabinet also agreed to grant a period of one month from the date of arrival to the state for citizens, for the children of the Cooperation Council, and for residents (who spent less than 6 months outside the country) to renew.

The Cabinet decided to grant a period of three months to citizens, to the children of the Cooperation Council, and to residents within the country for renewal. 

Granting residents who are outside the state and whose residency ended after the first of March 2020 or who have exceeded a period of six months outside the country, a period to return to the country from the date of opening the airspace between the two countries according to a specific time frame from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

The Council of Ministers agreed that any administrative fees or fines should be collected after the deadlines have expired, no financial fines for the exemption period, and the re-activation of the collection of administrative fees and fines for all services provided by the authority as of July 12, 2020.

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