China News Service, July 10, according to the American "Qiao Bao" report, on July 9, the American Chinese Association (OCA) cited a series of recent census data that the new crown epidemic has caused Asian-American-American families across the United States. Great destruction. In addition to the loss of living standards and other consequences brought about by the loss of income, the increase in hate incidents and crimes against Asian-Pacific people during the epidemic also worried and worried the Asian-Pacific people. Rita Pin Ahrens, the national executive director of the American China Association, pointed out that the Senate immediately adopted the "Health and Economic Recovery Comprehensive Emergency Solution" (HEROES) to protect the lives and livelihoods of Asians.

  The American China Association said the recent census data was shocking. These data show that the New Crown epidemic has caused serious damage to Asian American families across the United States through loss of income and increased hate crimes.

  On March 13, President Trump declared a national emergency caused by the epidemic. According to data cited by the American China Association, starting from March 13, nearly half of Asian households experienced loss of income, and 36% of households predicted a loss in the next month. In the past few weeks, the overall employment situation has improved slightly, but the income expectations of Asian Americans are still not optimistic. The unemployment rate of Asian-Americans has risen from 14.5% in April to 15% in May. The decline in income caused a series of problems. 9% of Asian tenants did not pay or postpone rent payment in May. With the expiration of tenant protection measures triggered by many new coronary pneumonias, people began to worry about housing stability. 52% of Asian tenants said they had only some confidence or no confidence in paying the rent for the next month. In an Asian-American family with children, 8% said they sometimes or often do not eat enough. 6.5% of Asian American families have no insurance, which is higher than whites.

  In addition, with the explosion of hate and crime incidents targeting communities of Asian-Pacific descent, 58% of Asian Americans reported that they developed symptoms of long-term worry and anxiety.

  The National Administration Director of the American China Association Allens said: "As new crown cases and the unemployment rate of Asian Americans rise, priority must be given to the health and safety of our communities." She pointed out that the new crown epidemic has widened the gap between Asian Americans , And threatens the future security of this group. The adoption of the "Comprehensive Emergency Solution for Health and Economic Recovery", that is, the "HEROES Act" is a top priority for the protection of Asian lives and livelihoods. Every day the Senate delays, the Asia-Pacific community will suffer more. The crisis brought by the new crown epidemic cannot be ignored.

  The HEROES bill was passed by the House of Representatives in May this year and is now under consideration in the Senate. Compared with the previous bailout bills, this $3 trillion bail-out bill is more eligible for subsidies, and the highest amount eligible families can receive.

  In addition, the American-Chinese Association encouraged all people living in the United States to participate in the census in the 9th announcement. The American China Association pointed out that the census not only helps to allocate billions of dollars to the Asia-Pacific community, but also provides valuable data on various growth areas of the Asia-Pacific community, forms an extensive data collection, and comprehensively helps the Asia-Pacific community progress. (Xu Yifan)