A story closer to the imagination occurred in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the heroes of the story are:
Jawad Pintol born in 1965 was a worker in the maintenance of heating devices, and Asmat Mershevic was born in 1950, he was a purchasing representative in the Holiday Inn hotel, the only hotel that was working In Sarajevo, it was the headquarters of international news delegates and colleges, and foreign correspondents.

The story as told by the two, to Al Jazeera Net ... “On June 14, 1995, I was going to the government medical center in central Sarajevo to receive treatment because of an injury to my eyes,
” Jawad says.
“I had two neighbors in the car. They needed treatment as well, when I arrived in front of the medical center, and as soon as I stopped the car, I watched a fiery glow come in the direction of the car and heard a huge bump into the car door, so I realized that I am in the range of Serb snipers, I opened the door and I got down quickly, but another shot was faster than me. I tried to get up or move, but I did not feel my lower half, shouted: Help me! I'm alive, help me! Before I went out of consciousness, I felt my hands holding me and dragging me away, attached to them with all my strength, and then I fell away from consciousness. .

Esmat and Jawad on a picnic in the center of Sarajevo (Social Media)

Esmat takes the tip of the conversation, to complete the story:
"I was returning to the hotel where I work, and with some colleagues, and I was driving quickly because I knew the danger of this area, where it is located under the goal of Serb snipers, and we called it" Death Street ", from afar I saw someone dumped In the middle of the street, covered in blood, slowed down a little to see whether he died or is still alive! "

"I heard his crying, I did not hesitate, the car stopped next to one of the buildings, I approached with a severe ban, grabbed him and dragged him to the entrance of a nearby building, where some people stand, and I went to my condition," Asmat continued.

And he indicates that he did that despite the danger ... "I did this despite the warning of those who were with me in the car, where everyone knows that a treacherous sniper if he hits a passer-by does not kill him immediately but leaves him bleeding, and waits until someone who helps him comes and he shoots the two to kill them together." Esmat smiles, saying, "But God is kindness."

Jawad was taken to the nearby hospital, and he underwent several surgeries. The medical report indicates that the bullet penetrated the right kidney and then hit the spine. The shot was removed, but several fragments remained throughout his body.

Esmat, who saved a horse from death during the Bosnian war, talks about the meeting between them after a quarter of a century.

About his health, Jawad says, laughing:

The doctors told me that the probability that I could walk was 1%, and the probability that I would stay alive was 10%, and thank God in any case, the 10% was achieved, even if the 1% was not fulfilled!

How did you remember Esmat after all those years?
He says "I have never forgotten him," and adds, "After my health stabilized and I started getting used to the new life - from a wheelchair, a car equipped for the disabled and so on - I started thinking about how to get to this person who saved my life, to thank him for his good work."

"I had no way to reach it, and I was trying to imagine its shape, whenever I met a good, noble person, saying to myself: Maybe this is my savior! There was a strong feeling inside me that one day I would find it and we would meet, become friends, and I became more certain about it when I stumbled upon it." on the picture".

How did you get to the picture?

Jawad is tired of looking for Esmat who saved him from death until he found him after 25 years (Al-Jazeera)

Jawad says:
"In the month of April / April 2016, I was browsing a site that published a report on the anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo, annexed some pictures, and suddenly my eyes fell on this picture, Vtjmdt blood in my veins, shouted: This is, his grandmother, and his grandmother ... I rushed to my wife and daughter, and I still chanted: I found him, I found my savior, I found the hero, I will meet him, I will thank him! "

"I put the picture on my mobile, and whenever I went to a place, or I met someone, I asked about the identity of the rescuer, so much so that I went to a relative of mine who works in the police and wanted him to try to find him. Everyone used to sympathize with me, but they sympathized with me," Jawad continued . They say: This is very difficult, we do not know .. Is he still alive, and does he live in Bosnia or abroad? We do not know anything about him. But my confidence that I will find him has not diminished. "

Jawad adds:
" He advised me a friend that I put the picture on Facebook, and I did not know anything about it, I asked my daughter to set up my account on Facebook, and put the picture on it, and asked her to be in the same day , which occurred by the incident any day June 14, I wrote above the picture: I am looking for this attractive black-haired young man who saved my life! "

And he continues,
"After about two hours, I did not believe myself, the comment that I had waited 25 years for," came again, and Jawad's eyes burst into tears, and shut up.

Thereby completing  Esmat talk:
"I've seen the same image on a site, and I did not know there from our images, but the picture shows me I just do not explain the patient 's identity, kept the image on my mobile to the memory, but I was surprised on June 14 to the image itself On Facebook with the gentle comment, so I decided to respond in the same way. "

He says, "I wrote: Greetings, I am this attractive young man with black hair Hahaha, and I would like to meet this injured man! Jawad replied immediately, we corresponded and agreed to meet."

Al-Jazeera Net watched the meeting that took place on Friday, June 19, and was very impressive, as tears, words of thanks and praise poured in. It attracted the attention and presence of the Bosnian media, and Jawad and Asmat talked the city of Sarajevo, and even hosted two of the most famous TV programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. .

Facebook users' interest in this human story exceeded their interest in any other issue, as it was noted that admiration included everyone, which made some assert that Jawad and Esmat succeeded in uniting all Bosnians from Bosnak, Serbs and Croats.

Hakan Schlick: In the case of a horse, the image was spoken without a tongue (social media)

Here are examples of comments:
Nusratah Noki confirms that good deeds are not lost.
Rahmoo Chatech (addressing Ismat) says: Hello to you, lion!
This is our hero, Eldin Jaka asserts!
As for Goran Markovinovic, he comments: Such stories make our lives more beautiful, even for a few moments, and Elvin Rovin admires: It's nice that Facebook is used for that, congratulations!

The heroism of the photo
Although the story seems to have been completed, there is a hero whose hero is still unknown, and if it were not for that happy ending, the hero is the photographer who was at the place at the moment of the event, and took the shot!

"In the field of journalism, the image is generally an essential component of any news, because the picture is pronounced without a tongue, but in the Bosnian case, and according to my experience, since I was in Bosnia since 1993, the Hakan Chlik" director of the Anatolian News Agency in Sarajevo said. The photo, in addition to its role as a major component of the news report, had other very important roles.

He added that "the pictures were the only means of communication between families and their families under siege, and there are war crimes that were exposed through an image that became the main witness to the criminal act, and as in the case of Jawad and Esmat, the image was the main element that brought the two sides together after 25 years."