China News Service, July 10, according to the Malaysian Sing, a woman over 60 years old in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, turned to the Malaysian Chinese Association ("MCA Association") for help, looking for his brother who had lost contact for nearly 30 years. Reunited with him in his lifetime.

  Lu Lianshun (67, retired) from Cheras and his elder brother Lu Zhihan (71) left home for work in the UK in 1988. He had never met him before. The last contact was 28 years ago.

  Lu Lianshun therefore asked Zhang Tianci of the MCA Public Service and Complaints Department for help, and released a tracing notice to the media.

  She pointed out that Lu Zhihan ranked second among seven siblings. He and his wife went to the UK as assistants in restaurants in 1988. The couple divorced four years later and have since lost contact.

  Lv Lianshun said that she had entrusted her brother's photos to a friend who traveled to the UK, hoping that her friend would meet her brother on the trip, but it turned out to be counterproductive.

  She also said that her elder brother's ex-wife had already returned to Malaysia, and that she was convinced that her elder brother was still in the UK, and had never sought him locally. (Lin Qiaobei)