Police illustration. - E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

Thursday afternoon, in Montpellier (Hérault), an 18-month-old baby was seriously injured, struck by a motorcycle, on avenue Henri-Marès, in the Celleneuve district, learned 20 Minutes from services from police.

According to the first elements from the investigations, a motorist, who was leaving a garage where she had had her vehicle repaired, is suspected of having crossed a white line while trying to leave on the left. A motorcyclist would then have been struck by the car, or would have deviated from its trajectory on seeing it arrive, and would have lost control of its machine.

Child suffers from head trauma

The two-wheeler would have ended up in a bus shelter, hitting a stroller where the little victim was. The baby was rushed to hospital with a head injury. The biker was injured in the knee and forearm.

A police investigation was opened to try to determine the causes of the accident. Neither the motorist nor the biker was under the influence of alcohol.


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