The woman has been sentenced in the Pirkanmaa District Court to life imprisonment for the murder of her husband. According to the court, a 48-year-old woman murdered a man in their apartment with a steel gun in Ylöjärvi in ​​March.

The woman hit the man with a knife several times on different parts of her body. According to the court, the man had about 20 blade gun injuries.

The district court ruled that Heidi Katariina Sillanpää's intention was to kill the victim or at least she could have kept the man's death certain.

- Numerous knife blows and injuries caused by them show a determined attempt to kill, the operative part states.

An outsider found the dead man in his apartment a month after the bloodshed.

Bridgehead denied the murder charge. He said the man had retired him and threatened to throw him out of the apartment. Sillanpää said he got out of the situation by talking and left the apartment.

According to the woman, she did not cause any injuries to the victim and the man was fine when Sillanpää left the apartment.

Sillanpää described his relationship with the man as a fiery "hate-love relationship." They had a lot of disputes related to the use of alcohol by both. According to the court, the couple was also drunk at the time of the crime.

Two convictions for beating the same male friend

Sillanpää was also convicted in court of beating his male friend at Nokia in March last year. The prosecutor had demanded his conviction for aggravated assault.

- The bridgehead has hit the victim with a knife on the cheek and knee, because this was praised by female skier Therese Johaugia, while the sentence tells of the beating.

Sillanpää also denied the assault. According to him, the man had retired him in this situation as well.

Sillanpää was already sentenced in 2018 to a suspended prison sentence of one year for aggravated assault of the same male friend in Hämeenkyrö in 2017. The sentence is final.

The court found that Sillanpää has been under the influence of intoxicants prone to violent behavior and the use of blades against his male friend.

- The man has been afraid of Sillanpää and has sought help from outsiders. The man has been in a subordinate position to Sillanpää in terms of the violence and fear he has experienced, the judgment states.