In addition to the end of the state of health emergency scheduled for July 10, this Friday also marks the end of the winter break. But with the economic crisis turning into a social crisis, associations fear a wave of evictions, even if the State promises to avoid it without rehousing solution.

With the context of Covid-19, the winter break was extended by three months, until July 10, the date announced for the end of the state of health emergency. For some, it will be necessary to relearn to live with the sword of Damocles above the head. Like Soumia who already sees herself "in the street" after being threatened with expulsion for lack of being able to pay her Parisian rent which she once assumed as a couple.

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"With the Covid-19, it doesn't hire"

Since the death of her husband a year ago, this mother of two, aged 13 and 11, has not been able to cope. The economic crisis has not helped anything because recently, it has been impossible for her to find work and therefore a new apartment. "With the Covid-19, it does not hire. When I see my daughter who takes her things in her schoolbag because she is afraid of finding the door closed when leaving school, it is serious. But I I can't do anything, I'm all alone, I can't ... It's impossible, "she warns.


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No eviction without rehousing solution

To avoid families like Soumia's being left on the street, the government has published a circular urging prefects not to order evictions if there is no alternative accommodation. A good measure according to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, but which requires resources, in particular to compensate the owners.