This spring and summer, with its magnificent scenery and cottages, the most beautiful home in Finland: The Summer Cottages program will end in the final period of the season, where it will be clear which of the ten villas will win.

Each finalist cottage is completely different, as the episodes have been very varied in theme. Grandma's cottage, design cottage and cottage on a hillside plot were selected for the finals.

See pictures of the finalist cottages at the end of the story.

Trio judges Hanna Sumari, Tero Pennanen and Sini Rainio selected the finalists, but the winner was voted by the audience.

In the final period, the judges will take away a cash prize of 10,000 euros to the residents of the most beautiful cottage.

- The spectators had a week to choose the winner, and we just filmed the final period at the winner's cottage, says Hanna Sumari, who was reached by phone.

Tero Pennanen, Hanna Sumari and Sini Rainio are looking for the most beautiful summer cottage.

Photo: Numi Nummelin

The winner was selected according to the wishes and preferences of the spectators and could no longer be influenced by the judges.

- All the finalists have been really great - like all the 30 different cottages seen in the program. Each of the different style cottages has its own supporters. Some don’t like millionaires ’luxury villas, while others don’t like more modest cottages, Sumari says.

However, Sumari, who has been running Finland's Most Beautiful Home program for a long time, has noticed that the winning destinations almost always have something in common.

- The winning target is usually one that is somehow accessible to the viewers, has a human grip and some kind of warmth. The winners are not from either extreme, Sumari sums up.

The background stories of the cottage owners have also been important to the viewers.

- Of course, the choice of the winning cottage has also been influenced by the stories behind each cottage. After all, we don’t know anything about the owners ’backgrounds when we give the cottages points, but we judge them purely on the basis of what we see with our eyes. Viewers, on the other hand, hear the snatching and touching stories of the residents, and that human side influences the criticism as well.

For the first time, the program focused on summer venues and has received a lot of praise from viewers - especially during the exceptional spring.

People have experienced access to the beautiful scenery of summer cottages, at least indirectly, even when travel was limited in the spring.

- Our program is really loved. Many have put in the message that it’s wonderful to watch a program like this that gets thoughts elsewhere, Hanna says.

- The program is also wonderfully green and summery, and it was certainly welcome in the middle of a gray spring. This is a really good minded program that is wonderful to do. I believe that the good spirit of our team is also conveyed to the viewers.

For Hannah herself, last summer’s filming was a great time.

- It was wonderful to make trips along summer Finland and see different and more wonderful cottages and landscapes. Personally, I would be willing to do more of this program. Of course, finding 30 cottages is always a challenge in itself.


1. Grandma's Cottage, Akaa

2. Cottage with an impressive facade, Högsåra

3. Design cottage, Ön Island, Turku Archipelago

4. A new-born cottage, Hanko

5. Luxury holiday home, Sipoo

6. Traditional cottage, Laukaa

7. Modern cottage, Hamina

Photo: photos: MTV3

8. Abundantly decorated cottage, Kokkola

9. Personal cottage, Jyväskylä

10. Slope plot cottage, Lohja

Finland's most beautiful home: summer cottages final, on Thursday MTV3 at 8 pm.

Discuss in the comment field: What do you think is the most beautiful summer cottage: a grandmother's cottage with a design or a more modest one? Which of these ten cottages is your personal favorite?