China News Agency, Nur-Sultan, July 9 (Reporter Wen Longjie) The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan issued an announcement on the 9th to remind Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan to pay attention to preventing unknown pneumonia.

  The embassy pointed out that according to Kazakhstan media reports, the incidence of pneumonia in Atyrau, Aktobe and Chimkent has increased significantly since the middle of June compared with the same period. So far, nearly 500 people have been infected and more than 30 people are critically ill. In the first half of this year, Pneumonia caused 1,772 deaths. In June alone, 628 people died, including Chinese citizens.

  The embassy emphasized that the fatality rate of this unknown pneumonia was much higher than that of new coronary pneumonia. The Kazakh Ministry of Health and other institutions are conducting a comparative study on the pneumonia virus, and no definitive determination has been made.

  The embassy reminded that Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan should pay special attention to the relevant situation, raise awareness of prevention and reduce the risk of infection. Pay close attention to the information released by the Kazakh government and the Chinese embassy and consulate in Kazakhstan. Minimize outings and avoid crowded public places. Pay attention to personal protection and hand hygiene, maintain good hygiene and healthy habits, wear masks when going out, wash hands frequently, disinfect disinfection, and ventilate frequently.

  The embassy pointed out that if there are suspicious symptoms, they should take the initiative to seek medical treatment in a timely manner. At the time of treatment, the doctor should be informed of travel history and contact personnel, and actively cooperate with relevant investigations. (Finish)