Mexico City

Updated Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 01:37

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  • Mexico. The 43 in Iguala were reportedly scattered at various points, says the students' lawyer
  • Mexico. In search of the remains of the 43 Iguala students in a municipal garbage dump

Almost six years after the tragic events that triggered the disappearance of the normalistas students in Iguala , the families of the victims have known this week the most important advance of the investigation to date. The discovery of the skeletal remains of Christian Rodríguez, one of 43, has allowed researchers to present new theses on what happened and, above all, to finish burying the "historical truth" that the Peña Nieto administration considered valid without offering in exchange, scientific evidence to support it. "With this new discovery, the" historical truth "is over and the case is still open," he said.

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