The British Gymnastics Association has launched an inquiry into the treatment of young scaffolding gymnasts. Gymnasts are suspected of being humiliated and victims of mental abuse.

According to an ITV report, a seven-year-old gymnast was tied up in a rack and left to hang on to it even though the child was screaming in pain. The incident happened at the hall of the Heathrow Gymnastics Club in London. According to the former gymnast of the club, girls were generally ridiculed for their weight.

According to the BBC, former national team gymnast Nicole Pavier said she had an eating disorder with bulimia at the age of 14 due to fears of weight gain.

- Now as an adult, you realize how much such behavior affected. There were eating disorders, chronic pain, and nightmares. He never felt good enough. That kind of feeling has a long-term effect, Pavier said.

The British Gymnastics Association is commissioning an independent investigation into the treatment of gymnasts.

- In recent days, we have heard of activities that are completely contrary to the principles of safe coaching. We do not tolerate abuses in our sport, the union said in a statement.

An independent inquiry is needed, according to the association, because young people who have suffered misconduct clearly did not feel they were getting help from the association. According to the association, the study also aims to improve the union’s practices so that athletes can be confident that their concerns will be listened to in the sport’s umbrella organization.

In the U.S., the country’s Gymnastics Association imposed an eight-year ban on the coach in the spring for misconduct.

Convicted coach Maggie Haney was guilty of mistreating athletes in words and deeds. He coached Laurie Hernandez, the Olympic champion at the 2016 Rio Games, among others, and Riley McCusker, the world champion at the 2018 Doha Games.

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Earlier, U.S. gymnastics revealed a large-scale abuse case in which former national team doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 125 years in prison in 2018.

The U.S. Gymnastics Association is working to reconcile Nassar’s years-long exploitation with $ 215 million, or more than $ 190 million.

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