Just before the US presidential election, the US-North Korea summit meeting or Mr. Bolton is wary of July 9 17:05

In an interview with NHK, former U.S. President Bolton's aide suggests that President Trump may hold a fourth US-North Korea summit just before the November presidential election and use it for his own appeal. I made it clear. If the talks were realized after that, he said that he would be wary, saying that the concession to North Korea would only result in a bad result.

Possibility of US-North Korea summit meeting in October

Former Presidential Assistant Bolton, who had been in charge of security policy as an aide to President Trump until being dismissed in September last year, responded to an NHK interview on the 8th regarding the November presidential election. There is a risk of being called a surprise, but President Trump may do something when he is at a disadvantage and this October's October Surprise may be a further meeting with Chairman Kim."

And he said, "President Trump likes to show and get attention. This is a way to direct himself to the world stage." He held the fourth US-North Korea summit meeting and used it for his own appeal. Clarified the view that there is a possibility to do.

In addition, Mr Bolton said, "I can't get anything but a bad concession by the United States and it is more dangerous than President Trump's imagination" about the impact of the meeting, leaving only the bad result of a concession to North Korea. He showed a strong sense of caution as he did not.

Meanwhile, Bolton said of the abduction issue of Japanese people, "President Trump was always asked by the Prime Minister to raise it at the meeting, and he did, because he knew the importance to Prime Minister Abe and Japan." It was.

About the first U.S.-North Korean summit meeting held in Singapore in June, and the second U.S.-North Korean summit meeting in Vietnam last February, ``President Trump had a meeting between the leaders and an expanded meeting including his aides. We took up the issue of Japanese abduction."

In addition, regarding the reaction of Chairman Kim at the summit meeting, “He did not make a concession, but he was understanding the importance and the need for a response,” said Chairman Kim on the abduction issue. He showed that he seemed to feel the need.

Bolton wrote in a memoir published last month that the United States requested that the joint statement state the solution to the abduction issue in a joint statement at the time of the first U.S.-North Korean summit meeting, but it did not happen. The solution was to solve the problem to a satisfactory extent."

However, Mr Bolton said, "Kim Kim was unlikely to make concessions due to the abduction issue. This indicated that denuclearization was not serious either."

“What we are aiming for is a huge trade agreement with China.”

Former US President Bolton's assistant in an NHK interview said that if President Trump was re-elected in the November presidential election, he would give priority to trade agreements with China, and would face violent conflict between the United States and China on issues such as security and human rights. He expressed concern that he might compromise.

According to an interview with NHK on the 8th, Mr. Bolton said that "Trump is aiming for a huge trade agreement with China" regarding President Trump's policy toward China. I don't think I'm concerned about the human rights issue in Japan."

Bolton said in the memoirs, Trump President to prioritize their own re-election, while seeking support to buy American agricultural products to Xi Jinping Jintao of China, want to "involved in the demonstration of democracy in Hong Kong No."

Bolton also said, "Trump is now making a strong statement to China because he is before the presidential election," saying that while the ruling party, the Republican Party, and the conservatives' attitude toward China is becoming more severe, He showed that he was showing a tough posture to avoid criticism from the stratum.

"If President Trump is re-elected, he won't have to worry about elections again. He is deeply concerned that he may overlook trade agreements and overlook China's human rights issues and China's strategic threats in the East and South China Seas." We are concerned that if Trump is re-elected, he may give priority to trade agreements with China and compromise security and human rights issues.

Meanwhile, Bolton said that China's strong repulsion of weapons to Taiwan ``President Trump was told by many friends on Wall Street who made many years in China that Taiwan is small but China is huge''. Pointed out that President Trump focused on the Chinese market and listened to the voices of business circles concerned about the effects of selling arms to Taiwan.

He added that he "persuaded President Trump that the production of the F16 fighter to sell would lead to employment in South Carolina," he stressed the effect on employment and urged President Trump to accept the sale.

About Japan-US relations...

Bolton wrote in his memoir that he explained to President Trump that he intends to significantly increase Japan's burden of staying US troops in Japan and demand $8 billion annually.

For this $8 billion, Mr Bolton said that the Pentagon calculated all the US military costs in Japan plus 50% of that. , For example, by sending troops to Japan, we are doing all the calculations including the cost in the United States.”

On the other hand, Mr Bolton said that $8 billion was the first high price set in order to gain an advantage over the negotiations, ``I think there is a compromise, but what is that amount? I wouldn't even know Trump, let alone President."

Mr. Bolton also said about the expenses of US troops stationed in Japan, South Korea, and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies, "People don't like to discuss the amount, but for President Trump who sees them as a profitable account. It's important to say that I have shared this view with Prime Minister Abe, President Moon Jae-in, and the leaders of NATO countries."

He also pointed out that Trump sees the alliance as saying that the United States is defending its allies and that the consideration for that is that it must be paid enough.

Mr Bolton said he was worried during his tenure, saying, ``I was afraid that President Trump would pull up his troops if South Korea did not reach a satisfactory amount at the base burden. Withdrawing from South Korea is a big mistake for the US, and withdrawing from Japan is even more. President Trump is very particular about the issue of stationing expenses, but I And other allies feared they would not take it seriously."

And he said, "Trump's perspective is not necessarily a bad idea to break the alliance," and with regard to the U.S. Forces in Japan, "there is a risk of withdrawal if we consider that payments are not made in line with the burden." He said, "If President Trump determines that the burden on the Japanese side is not sufficient, he may withdraw US troops in Japan."

However, Mr. Bolton said, "In Japan, there are means to satisfy his profit and loss account, such as not only the burden of stationing expenses but also the purchase of weapons," President Trump is not only stationed expenses but equipment He showed that he would also consider purchasing.

Regarding the negotiation of a special agreement on the cost of staying between Japan and the United States in March next year, “The cost of staying is very interesting in Japan and causing disagreement with Prime Minister Abe is a risk to election campaigns. I think it's very unlikely that the agreement will be pushed ahead," said President Trump, who is unlikely to press for an agreement before the November election.

Mr. Bolton added that Prime Minister Abe said, "We must strive to build a personal relationship with President Trump that no other leader in the world should have, and that patience should be highly evaluated. The effort has kept us very strong."