Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi vowed to hold accountable the killers of the security expert Hisham Al-Hashemi, take care of his children and ensure that they complete their education, stressing that “Al-Hashemi's blood with his neck and killers will not escape the reckoning,” as he put it.

During his visit last night to the Al-Hashemi family’s home to offer condolences, Al-Kazemi met the children of Al-Hashemi and promised them - our custodians, trying to alleviate them - that they would have a father and take care of them and keep them.

He also offered condolences to the widow of Hashemi, and told her that "the murderers will not escape justice and this is a national duty and the duty of the state."

He added that "the Iraqis and the world are proud of the Al-Hashemi martyr who exposed terrorism and that his blood will not be wasted and the killers will be pursued," considering that he who killed Al-Hashemi cannot be an Iraqi, "because the Iraqi does not kill his Iraqi brother."

He went on to say that Al-Hashemi is an Iraqi hero and icon who vowed her life to Iraq and will be immortalized by history, indicating that Al-Hashemi's name will be launched on one of the streets of Baghdad to commemorate him and his stances in exposing terrorism.

On Monday night, gunmen assassinated Al-Hashemi when he was driving while he was driving his car in front of his house in Zayouna neighborhood, east of Baghdad.