Concerns have been raised in Australia about the second wave of coronavirus and more than five million Melbourne residents have been ordered to stay at home for at least six weeks due to an increase in coronavirus infections

The lockdown took effect when the day changed to Wednesday local time.

Australia’s largest supermarket chain, Woolworths, said it had already imposed buying restrictions on some products such as pasta, vegetables and sugar after the shelves emptied in stores.

Anni Sieranen, a Helsinki-based aupair employee living in Melbourne, described how the city had a lot of people shopping for the last shopping or visiting a bar on Tuesday before they also close.

- The grocery store had to be queued outside and hands disinfected inside. There was still a lot of stuff in the store in the morning, although the pasta and rice seemed out of stock, Sieranen described to IS from Melbourne.

Only two packs of toilet paper can be purchased at a time.

Photo: Anni Sieranen

For example, notifications of purchase restrictions had been placed on toilet paper and cleaning supplies shelves. Toilet paper can only be purchased in two packages per customer.

Sieranen lives with her host family with two children and said that clearly more pasta and preserves have been purchased on the family's shelves.

Anni Sieranen is already facing her second Lockdown in Australia.

Photo: Anni Sieranen

Sieranen's aupair year, which will soon turn 20, is becoming memorable. Sieranen, who enrolled as a student last year, wanted to spend a gap year and arrived in the country in mid-February just a couple of weeks before the “Lockdown” was first imposed in Australia.

At the time, he had to live in a hostel for two months before accessing his host family.

Melbourne is Australia's second largest city. In the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, 191 new coronavirus infections were diagnosed in the last day. This is the state’s highest daily infection rate during the entire pandemic, says The Guardian.

The country’s infection rates began to decline in April due to tight restrictions. The restrictions were gradually lifted from May onwards before the six-week isolation period now begins.

The bread shelves had also been emptied at the Qool Mall’s Woolworths grocery store in Melbourne due to hoarding.

Photo: Anni Sieranen

As of Wednesday, residents can only leave their homes to work, play sports, see a doctor, or buy food. Most schoolchildren and students are once again moving to distance learning, and cafes and restaurants only sell food.

You can only go outside near your own home and a maximum of two people together. During the first lockdown, the two-person restriction was violated, but police officers in almost every corner of the street intervened and handed out fines, Sieranen says.

On Tuesday, he had not noticed an increase in the number of police officers, but the cleaning teams on the streets are new compared to the spring.

- They wiped railings and door handles at stations and bigger streets.

Toilet paper was still found in the store.

Photo: Anni Sieranen

According to Sieranen, Australians now seem more annoyed and frustrated by the situation.

- The city had such a crowd today when everyone was outside when they could. The panic is clearly starting again.

In March, Sieranen considered coming to Finland, but at that time travel was not successful. Now he plans to continue his aupair year and be in Australia until at least early next year.

- One time if it survived, the other will survive, Sieranen assured only a few hours before Lockdown took effect.