In Belgium, wearing a mask is mandatory from Saturday in shops, shopping centers, cinemas and museums. Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès announced this on Thursday evening, according to various Belgian media.

In all indoor areas where many people gather, a mask must be worn from Saturday, such as places of worship, concert and theater halls, libraries, large lecture halls and conference rooms.

"This list may change over time, depending on the epidemiological situation of our country. Wearing a mask is always highly recommended in other situations," said the Consultation Committee.

Not wearing a mouth mask can result in a fine. Children under the age of twelve do not have to wear a mask.

The ban comes unexpectedly, the obligation was originally to be discussed in the National Security Council next week. However, through an official recommendation from the Superior Health Council, the Belgian RIVM, the government has decided to accelerate the ban.

Wearing a face mask was already mandatory on public transport and during a hairdresser's or doctor's visit. To date, wearing a mouth mask has been 'highly recommended' in other situations.

Belgium has been severely affected by the corona virus. In the meantime, 9,778 people have died from the effects of the coronavirus.

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