Samsung may stop supplying chargers with new phones from 2012, says Korean ETNews (in Korean), quoted by The Verge.

It is known that there are two reasons: the desire to reduce costs and environmental factors. Most buyers of a new phone already have a cell phone charger at home.

Samsung is not alone in its plans. Prestigious Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in late June that Apple would give up supplying chargers with the iPhone 12, which will be released in the fall.

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With the reduction of electronic waste, it would be possible to reduce telephone packaging. This in turn would lead to less cardboard waste and lower transportation costs.

In the future, chargers would be sold as accessories to those who need them.

Chargers have been one of the targets of competition for smartphone manufacturers in recent years. Many manufacturers have developed their own quick-charge technologies that are not compatible with each other. This has led to situations where a quick charger from one manufacturer only provides a normal charging speed when connected to a phone from another manufacturer.

There are also intermediate forms where it is possible to achieve “fast loading” but not “fast quick loading”. Phones related to phone charging are very swaying and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Delivering the charger with your phone is not a given on all devices. The ethical Fairphone also doesn’t come with a charger.

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