Social media pioneers traded a video of a restaurant owner promoting a 3000-dirham burger sandwich, where restaurant owner Adel Wawan appeared on the Social Media marketing the burger sandwich as the most expensive in the Middle East, which sparked the discontent of social media pioneers.
The manager of Wawan Musleys Restaurant, Samah Saleh, told "Emirates Today" that the restaurant management decided yesterday to launch a gorilla burger worth 3 thousand dirhams as the most expensive burger in the Middle East, after the restaurant opened three months ago, and pointed out that the high price of the burger came due to rare ingredients Which was contained in a gorilla burger, and it was pointed out that the sandwich is a rare sauce carefully selected from distant regions and farms in the world that was difficult to obtain.
She pointed out that the burger meat was imported from Australia and it is a rare beef and it is called the condom that feeds on special ingredients, and this type of cow is only available in Australia and Japan, and that its high price is the main reason for the high price of the burger.
She explained, that the restaurant administration tried to launch the product in the state to suit all categories and market requirements in the variety of diets, and pointed out that, as soon as the restaurant launched for the distinguished burger, a large number of fans of this expensive type of meal interacted, as a large number of them were sold on the first day of its launch.
She pointed out that the restaurant has a prior license from the competent authorities in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, to launch the quality of the burger at a value of 3000 dirhams, and that the restaurant has a list of fast food that its price is commensurate with the price of meals in the various restaurants of the country in proportion to the economic situation of each customer.

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