U.S. Secretary of State, Vegan, visited the Blue House and met with the new National Security Officer Seo Hoon. The Blue House said the Secretary of State decided to maintain a close coordination system with us, emphasizing the importance of resuming dialogue in North America.

This is reporter Kim Jung-yun.


Vice Minister Vegan has visited the Blue House and met with the new National Security Officer Seo Hoon for 10 minutes from 10 am today (9th).

The Blue House said, "Both sides shared an evaluation of recent trends in North Korea and discussed ways to advance the peace process on the Korean Peninsula."

Specifically, the Chief of the Minister said, ``We appreciate the importance of Secretary Vegan's commitment to the resumption of dialogue in North America, and urge him to continue his efforts.'' Blue House explained.

The Blue House added that the two sides also agreed to swiftly close the defense-sharing negotiations while reaffirming the strong ROK-US alliance.

It is known that Secretary of Vegan did not prevent President Moon Jae-in.

Earlier yesterday, the Secretary of State met yesterday with the core of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Minister Kang Kyung-hwa, and said he strongly supports inter-Korean cooperation.

He emphasized the need to talk to North America even though he was not here to meet North Korea.

Particularly, North Korea Choi Choi-hee and Bolton, the United States, were asked to choose a creative conversation partner other than this negative person.

[Vegan/Deputy Secretary of State for the United States: I am not under the direction of First Vice Chancellor Choi Choi or Ambassador John Bolton. When Kim Jong-un is ready to negotiate and a competent negotiator is appointed, you will know that we are ready at that moment.]

Secretary of Commerce Vegan visits the Blue House to complete the two-day, three-day visit to Korea and depart for Japan this afternoon. .