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This restaurant is located near the beach in Cape Town, South Africa. A seal appeared while walking along the road.

I stand in front of the door of the restaurant, and then I knock on my door with my forefoot and hit my head as if to open the door.

If you put water in a bucket and spray it in case the seal will dry out, don't move.

It has been said that the seal has been hungry for a long time and has lost a lot of weight.

It turns out that the seal came across this six-lane road with this body.

After a while, the rescue team arrived and the seals were transferred to the rescue center.

The rescue team is believed to have eaten food from tourists rather than hunting directly, and said that it seemed that they came to the restaurant after the seal disappeared due to the corona19 blockage.

The domestic netizens who saw it responded, "I want to do anything because I look so desperate."

(Source: capetownetc.com)