Yesterday, on Wednesday, the entire Raseborg police station had to be evacuated. The reason was that the “helpful resident” had found the explosive in his home and delivered it to the police station, Länsi-Uusimaa police say in a statement.

- The explosive turned out to be a grenade launcher grenade and the police station's on-call service had to be emptied and isolated for several hours, the press release states.

Defense personnel later picked up a grenade from the police station.

Such a grenade was brought to the Raseborg police station.

Photo: Police

The police hope that no one will bring the explosives they find to the police station, as handling the explosive will always cause a dangerous situation.

- Transporting an explosive further increases the danger and the number of people at risk.

If you suspect that you have found an explosive, the correct course of action is to call the emergency number 112. The police patrol will come to the scene or, if necessary, you can identify the object from a photograph, for example, if one is sent to the patrol. The police and the defense forces are in charge of transporting and clearing the explosive.

Explosives and ammunition can be handed over to the police without fear of punishment.

- Only safe cartridges and, for example, emergency rockets identified with certainty can be transported for self-destruction, Länsi-Uusimaa police inform.