"The command of the United Aerospace Defense discovered an aircraft in the airspace of the country with a tail number of the United States and neutralized it, according to the law, by the planes of our military aircraft," the command said on Twitter.

🚨 # ULTIMAHORA || #CEOFANB informa que el @CODAI_FANB, detectó en la medianoche del # 07JUL20 el ingreso de una Narcoaeronave con matrícula #EEUU a nuestro espacio aéreo y una vez aplicado el protocolo de Ley se procedió a su NEUTRALIZación aviérénitéon nélénériton aviélín néaticn pic.twitter.com/6JtCVLj8bo

- @ceofanb (@ Libertad020) July 8, 2020

Attached are photos of burning debris.

According to RIA Novosti, the number N339AV was preserved on the plane, and according to Flightradar, we are talking about a private Hawker 800 plane, which operated in Mexico.

In November 2018, the Venezuelan Air Force shot down four drug traffickers from Colombia, then the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro reported this.