China News Service, July 8, according to Korean media reports, on the 8th, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry Minister for Peace Negotiations on the Korean Peninsula Li Duxun held talks with the U.S. Department of State’s Deputy Secretary of State and Special Representative of the DPRK. After the meeting, he said that the two sides had in-depth discussions on the plan to restart the dialogue with the DPRK at an early date. South Korea and the United States decided to continue their efforts and called on the DPRK to return to the negotiating table.

  After holding talks with Biegen on the 8th, Li Duxun held a press conference and said that the two countries have conducted in-depth discussions on ways to open dialogue channels as soon as possible based on the current situation.

  He explained that he emphasized that dialogue and consultation are the only ways to solve problems. South Korea and the United States should go all out for this.

  In addition, Li Duxun said that when Beghan reconfirmed the resumption of dialogue with North Korea, he held a flexible position in order to reach a balanced agreement, and said that he would continue to work hard for this. At the same time, South Korea and the United States will maintain a close community relationship.

  Biegan expressed his belief that North Korea-South Korea cooperation will play an important role in creating a more stable environment on the Korean Peninsula.

  Regarding North Korea's claim that it had no intention of meeting with the United States, he also said, "The United States has not requested a meeting with the DPRK. This time (visiting South Korea) is to meet with the Allied South Korea."

  But Biegen also said that the US is ready to talk to the DPRK at any time.

  In addition, South Korean Foreign Ministry Deputy Minister (Deputy Minister) Zhao Shiying also held the eighth strategic dialogue between South Korea and the United States Deputy Foreign Minister on the same day.

  Zhao Shiying said after the meeting that the ROK and the US exchanged in-depth views on the situation on the Korean peninsula and the relationship between South Korea and Japan, and discussed many outstanding issues.

  He said that although South Korea and the United States failed to reach an agreement on the rate of increase in defense costs, they agreed to strive for a defense fee sharing negotiation as soon as possible to achieve a mutually acceptable result. The two sides also decided to continue to maintain communication and cooperation on South Korea's participation in the G7 summit.