A statue of Melania Trump, the first woman in the United States, has been burned near her birthplace in Slovenia, according to Reuters.

A statue near the village of Sevnica was set on fire on the night of July 4, celebrating U.S. Independence Day. The statue, which received a controversial reception last year, blackened and suffered damage as a result of the fire.

The Berlin-based American artist Brad Downey, who designed the statue, tells Reuters that he removed the life-size statue from the scene after police informed him on July 5th.

"I don't know why they did it," Downey commented.

A statue engraved on a wooden chainsaw shows Melania Trump waving her left hand in the same way she was seen waving at her husband’s inauguration in January 2017. The engraving was done by local artist Ales Zupevc.

Such traces of fire left.

Photo: Jure Makovec / Magazine / AFP

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Downey had hoped the naive-style statue would provoke dialogue about the political situation in the United States and highlight Melania Trump’s role as an immigrant married to a president seeking to reduce immigration.

In Washington, Melania Trump's office did not immediately respond to Reuters' request for comment. Recently, President Donald Trump has announced that he will take a hard line with those who vandalize historical monuments in the United States.

Downey, 39, who is preparing for his exhibition in Slovenia in September, says he has filed a criminal complaint. He would like to interview the lighters himself if these are found.

According to police spokesman Alenka Drenik, details cannot be revealed at this stage because the investigation has not yet been completed.

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The official unveiling of the statue of Melania Trump was held near Sevnica. July 5, 2019.

Photo: REUTERS / Borut Zivulovic

The statue shows Melania Trump flashing her left hand in the same way she was seen flashing at her husband’s inauguration in January 2017.

Photo: REUTERS / Borut Zivulovic / File Photo