China News Service, July 8th, according to a compilation report from, the Australian Federal Government is currently considering a “concession” to the struggling higher education institutions to retain postgraduates who have been forced to study online overseas due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Right to work.

  According to a comprehensive Australian media report, the Morrison government is expected to announce changes to the work visa after graduation in the next few weeks, which will benefit thousands of international students currently studying online courses overseas.

  Currently, international students can only obtain a work visa after graduation if they are studying in Australia. However, according to sources familiar with the program, according to the program, although students return to their country and study online, they are still eligible to participate in the program.

  It is reported that the post-graduate work visa is highly valued by many overseas students. It provides those students who have completed a bachelor or master degree to continue working in Australia for two years after graduation. At the same time, for students whose visas are about to expire but stay in Australia due to difficulties in returning home, the federal government is expected to reduce or exempt visa renewal fees. A series of changes in the federal government involving international student visas will help keep Australian universities competitive with the United Kingdom and Canada.

  At the same time, the second outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in Victoria has endangered all Victorian students' early entry plans. Although the federal government has conditionally supported the pilot program for the admission of international students in the second semester of this year, in the coming months, some universities will not be allowed to recruit students on a large scale.

  The University of Canberra and the Australian National University (ANU) have recently stated that the two universities will revise their plans to accept overseas students. Starting on the 8th, all students returning to Canberra must be isolated for 14 days. The school stated that it is continuing to study the details of the plan with the aim of bringing a small group of international students back to life in Canberra safely. “Our main focus is still on the safety and well-being of the Canberra community, students and campus. The pilot includes strict pre-departure and arrival The subsequent inspections will be conducted under strict entry and quarantine procedures."

  In addition, a plan to bring international students back to Queensland is close to being finalized. Queensland University Vice President Peter Hoj said in a public report to the Queensland Parliament that allowing international students to return to Queensland is "critically important." Queensland University will work with the state government to help international students when they enter. A spokeswoman for Queensland University said the university will provide 2,000 yuan for each student to cover the cost of airfare and hotel isolation, and pay the remaining costs. (Gao Jiawen)