Setsuro Setsuko Nuclear Abolition "Go ahead without giving up" 9:19, July 8th

On the 7th, just three years after the adoption of the Nuclear Weapons Convention by the United Nations, a Canadian-exposed survivor Saroko Seturo, who contributed to the adoption, made a speech online, saying, "We must bring in more countries and put the treaty into effect. I have to do it."

Setsuro Setsuko is an international NGO that won the Nobel Peace Prize three years ago and contributed to the adoption of the Convention on the 7th, and the international campaign for the abolition of nuclear weapons. I gave a lecture at an online event co-hosted by "Boat".

At the beginning, Mr. Thurlow was exposed to a student mobilization 1.8 km from the hypocenter in Hiroshima when he was 13 years old in the second year of junior high school, and although he was miraculously saved from himself, most of his classmates who were with him died in a fiery fire. I talked about my experience.

He then touched on the current state of the world, where many people are suffering from the new coronavirus infection, saying, "This is where the money is spent. Why do we spend trillions of dollars on modernization of weapons? Criticized the nuclear arms race.

"I will not give up. I will apply pressure and move forward. It is necessary to draw 12 more countries into effectuating the treaty," said Sir Loo, and 38 ratification countries are now in force. We called for cooperation in the nuclear abolition movement to reach 50 countries early.