Sydney (AFP)

After Alexander Zverev and Boris Becker, the Australian Nick Kyrgios attacked Dominic Thiem on social networks on Wednesday, whom he called to adopt a more exemplary attitude.

"None of you have the intellectual level to understand where I come from," said the Australian volcanic on Twitter.

This projection constitutes a new episode of the soap which started when Kyrgios had called "selfish" Alexander Zverev, seen in a bar whereas he had promised to remain in quarantine after having taken part in the Adria Tour where several players caught the Covid-19.

The Australian attracted a flashback and criticism from several big names in tennis, including Boris Becker with whom he exchanged names of birds online, and Thiem, who scratched him in an interview in the German press this week.

"Kyrgios himself has done a lot of nonsense. That's why I find it even harder to understand when he gets involved in everything. (...) It would be better if he improved rather than always criticize others ", tackled the Austrian world N.3.

Kyrgios was quick to reply, still on Twitter: "What are you talking about? Nonsense like breaking my racket? Saying bad words? Missing a match here and there? Tricks that everyone does?"

"None of you have the intellectual level to understand where I come from. I try to make them take responsibility."

"It just shows how much (Thiem, Zverev and Djokovic) take it over the leg, with two of them going to party in the middle of a pandemic. There are people who die, who lose their loved ones and their loved ones. friends, and Thiem comes to talk about + error +. These guys are the + top + of our sport ", Kyrgios got carried away.

The reunion on the courts looks promising.

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