The opening of the season for Sebastian Vettel, who is leaving Ferrari after this season, was more or less miserable.

The four-time world champion was only tenth in the Austrian Opening GP. In addition, Vettel’s name and situation has been on the lips of the race people for a week, first since the end of the Ferrari deal and, driven by it, the future of the German driver.

The Italian stable's decision not to offer Vettel a new contract came as a surprise to him as well, which the driver revealed just before last weekend's race.

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Now his own view of Vettel’s situation was given by this former teammate, Mark Webber, who ended his 2016 racing career. The duo represented Red Bull together in the 2009-2013 seasons.

- The relationship is over. Chemistry is gone. The marriage is over, Webber summarizes in the In The Fastlane podcast, according to

In Austria, Vettel was far behind his teammate Charles Leclerc, who finished second after Valtteri Bottas. Webber sees Vettel not going to chase the top during the season anyway.

- Sebastian wears red, he drives a red car, but he's there for himself. In some scenarios, one would hope it would be over soon, as that’s pretty obvious, Webber notes.

- The sooner it's over, the better for everyone.

Vettel received information about the end of his Ferrari time over the phone, which, according to Webber, reflects an unhealthy relationship between the driver and the stable.

Mark Webber in Red Bull colors 2010.

Photo: Antti Puskala / Lehtikuva

Speculation about the future of the former world champion has been hot. Vettel has hinted that if no new team is found for next season, his F1 career could end this season.

- If you are ready to close the door, then you have to be prepared, no need to wait for it to open again. So this has to be taken into account when making decisions and because of this I am in no hurry to do anything. Now it’s good to get the season underway and the next few weeks and months are likely to bring clarity, Vettel determined earlier.

F1 continues this weekend in the second race in Spielberg, Austria.

Vettel's opening race in Austria went under the bench.

Photo: Hoch Zwei / Zuma / MVPhotos