Stuttgart (dpa / tmn) - With the new S-Class Mercedes is introducing a new generation of its operating and infotainment system MBUX at the end of the year. Not only the driver, but all passengers should therefore be able to communicate even more easily with the upcoming flagship, the manufacturer said before the world premiere in September. The system, which will be called My MBUX in the future, has learned many new languages, is now proficient in small talk, has encyclopedic knowledge and, in many cases, takes action even without addressing “Hey Mercedes”.

Fewer switches - more displays

At the same time, Mercedes has completely redesigned the hardware. Among other things, there are almost 30 fewer switches and buttons. Instead, the car recognizes many functions solely through eye and gesture control and therefore knows, for example, whether the right or left wing mirror should be adjusted.

However, while the number of switches decreases dramatically, the display areas are growing. Similar to Tesla, for example, a huge, vertical screen now occupies the entire center console. In the rear there is a separate touchscreen for each passenger and a removable tablet as a remote control. And the driver looks at a digital cockpit with a 3D effect, in which information like the backdrops are staggered on a theater stage.

New head-up display and more personalization

A new generation of the head-up display is also available on request. This not only has a much larger projection that hovers closer to the road further away. But it also offers a dynamic display for augmented reality content: Turning instructions, for example, therefore literally fly through the image and graphically show the driver the way.

Mercedes also makes more personalization possible. Not only are the settings and preferences of individual users saved, but every driver can also use a pin, eye recognition or fingerprint to identify themselves without any doubt and then make payments, for example, from the operating system.

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