Ilta-Sanomat reached the world slalom champion Kalle Palander to comment on the surprising departure of Norwegian Finn Christian Jagge at the age of 54. Palander had not heard the grief news.

- No damn, shocked by the news, Palander said.

- That's a terrible thing.

The Finnish family has many memories of common moments with the Olympic winner. Palander remembers exactly the last fall of his Norwegian career in the World Cup in the spring and winter of 2000 in Bormio, Italy.

Finn Christian Jagge enjoyed the last World Cup fall of his career in tuxedo in March 2000.

Photo: Stefano Rellandini / REUTERS

Jagge was on the turn just before Palander, but the Finn had to wait a little longer.

- Before “Finken” landed, there were ceremonies and then he went on the track in a tuxedo, Palander says.

When Palander came to the alpine skiing tour as a chick in the late 1990s, Jagge treated him paternally.

- Jagge was quite a Stara at the time, but he received the rooks really well, as did other Norwegian skiers, Palander says.

At the 1998 Nagano Olympics, Palander made a closer acquaintance with Jage’s maintenance man.

- He put my ski on, too, because Jagge and I both rode on Solomon.