The Finns queued at Lidl's stores in April when the grocery chain launched hit sneakers for 15 euros.

Brilliant running shoes in Lidl’s colors became a phenomenon and a coveted product when German Lidl first spoiled with them on April 2019 and then made a limited batch of shoes at the request of customers.

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This is what the quickly sold out sneakers looked like.

Now Lidl is launching summer shoes designed in the same spirit. Beach sandals priced at 7.99 euros will arrive in stores tomorrow, Thursday.

- Lidl sandals are a continuation of Lidl sneakers, the popularity of which surprised us all, says Meri Aalto, Head of Lidl Finland's Campaigning Department.

- However, it has been decided to sell the sandals well in advance of the sneaker. In other words, these products in the Lidl collection have been designed and decided to be implemented as a whole, which will be put on sale sprinkling all year round.

This is what sandals look like. They are on sale in several Lidl countries, on Thursday also in Finland.

Photo: Lidl

Inside the delivery, the sandals have already been spotted. One colleague says the family’s youth department is excited about the sandal style.

- We have already announced in the brochure that we will put the alarm clock on Thursday morning. Going on a bike to go look for them.

The tennis socks in the fan collection are also said to be hard stuff in the same age group.

Sandals have not caused the same phenomenon in the world as sneakers, but sandal pictures have been shared on Instagram.

The Bonnie dog got his own pair fresh.

Otherwise, the pictures show pairs of sandals with a slightly different logo from last spring. The sandals are now worn like other trendy beach and health sandals - with socks and into the street style.