Yesterday, the US Secretary of State, vegan, who was visiting Korea, urged North Korea to resume talks saying it strongly supports inter-Korean cooperation. They said they are already ready to talk, and they told North Korea to choose a creative partner rather than a negative person like Choi Choi-hee.

Reporter Hak-hui Kim on the sidewalk.


Minister Kang Kyung-hwa, Deputy Minister Se-young Cho, Do-hoon Lee, Head of Peace and Negotiation on the Korean Peninsula, and Vice Minister of Vegan Affairs, who met at the core of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said they strongly support inter-Korean cooperation.

[Vegan/Deputy Secretary of State for the United States: The United States strongly supports inter-Korean cooperation, and I think it plays an important role in creating a more stable environment on the Korean Peninsula.]

While not coming to meet North Korea this time, he emphasized the need for North American dialogue.

Particularly, North Korea Choi Choi-hee and Bolton, the United States, were asked to choose a creative conversation partner other than this negative person.

[Vegan/Deputy Secretary of State for the United States: I am not under the direction of First Vice Chancellor Choi Choi or Ambassador John Bolton. When Chairman Kim Jong-un is ready to negotiate and appoints a competent negotiator, you will know that we are ready at that moment.]

Choi Chun-hee and Bolton are unusually accused of focusing on the negative, impossible things trapped in the old way of thinking . It is also interpreted as trying to emphasize that you are a responsible US representative.

The vegan message is summarized as supporting South-North cooperation and urging to resume dialogue in North America.

Vice Minister Vegan will be visiting the Blue House this morning to meet the National Security Officer Seo Hoon and leave for Japan in the afternoon.