On Tuesday, the United States began steps to withdraw from the World Health Organization, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden vowed to cancel the decision if he wins the presidential elections scheduled for November.

A senior administration official said the United States had informed the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, of its withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

The United Nations indicated that it had received formal notification of the withdrawal decision announced by US President Donald Trump a month ago.

Trump pledged last May to withdraw from the World Health Organization, accusing it of failing to deal with the emerging Corona virus epidemic, describing it as a puppet of China.

Trump also announced that Washington's funding for the organization had ceased, in a move that raised concern from many circles and circles, including US allies.

The World Health Organization said it had received reports on Tuesday of the United States formally informing the United Nations Secretary-General of its withdrawal from the organization, but had no further information at this point.

"We have received reports that the United States has submitted a formal notification to the Secretary-General of the United Nations stating that it will withdraw from the World Health Organization as of July 6, 2021," a WHO spokesman said in a statement.

"We have no further information on this matter at this stage," he added.

In turn, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that he would revoke the decision to withdraw if he wins the next presidential election.

Biden said, "Americans are safer when America is committed to promoting global health."

"On the first day of my presidency, I will join WHO again and reaffirm our global leadership," he added on Twitter.

Health officials and opponents of Trump criticized his decision to withdraw the United States from the Geneva-based organization responsible for fighting diseases that continue to spread in the world, including Covid-19.