Prosecutors filed a sentence on Tuesday.

According to Dmitrijev's supporters, the intention is to silence the esteemed Gulag scholar.

Dmitrijev, 64, is serving a pre-trial detention in Russia on charges of sexual violence against his adopted daughter, even though she had already been released once in a 2018 trial.

Dmitrijev’s family and those close to him consider the charges completely invented and political. Due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, Dmitrijev's new trial has been further dragged out.

On Tuesday, Dmitryev's lawyer Viktor Anufriev said the Petrozavodsk prosecutor demanded the investigator be sentenced to 15 years in prison and sent to a hardened discipline camp. Anufriev told AFP that the Petrozavodsk court will hear the case on Wednesday.

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In April, the New York Times met Yuri Dmitrijev's daughter, who says she is tired of the "circus" started by Russia against Finland and her father.

Dmitrijev has dedicated his life to searching for the graves of people executed in the persecution of Joseph Stalin and cherishing their memory.

After persistent investigations, Dmitrijev found the Sandarmoh execution site in the Karhumäki district in 1997, with at least more than 7,000, perhaps even more than 9,000, executed in more than 200 mass graves. Almost 800 of them are Finns.

In 1997, Dmitry also located the execution site of Krasnyi Bor near Petrozavodsk. About 1,200 people were killed there, almost 600 of whom were Finns.

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Various versions of why the Russian authorities launched a special lawsuit against Dmitrijev on the basis of an anonymous report have been presented to the public.

The most common theory is that everything is related to his work as a revealer of Stalin’s bloodshed. Russia, ruled by Vladimir Putin and the FSB, presumably does not want the old sins of the Soviet Union to be excavated, because the goal of modern Russia is to roll the cause of its own crimes to the neck of foreign countries.