Patrick Mahomes, 24, the Super Bowl hero who played in February, signed the biggest deal in North American sports history on Tuesday.

The 10-year contract turned with the Kansas City Chiefs is worth € 398 million, and with various bonuses, total earnings could reach as much as € 444 million.

The previous record deal was a € 378 million deal with baseball player Mike Trout in 2019 with the Los Angeles Angels.

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Mahomes is in many ways an exceptional athlete. He was voted the most valuable player in the league at a relatively young age at the end of his first full season.

Patrick Mahomes ’stunning throwing hand is the best feature of a versatile player.

Photo: Rich Graessle / Zuma / MVPhotos

- In his new season, Mahomes played only one match. There were good players around, and coach Andy Reed's level offensive wizard immediately knew how to use this kind of talent, commented NFL expert Mika Laurila.

- Based on one game, the Chiefs fans thought that this is our future. The club threw Alex Smith, the more experienced and a bit boring, aside and took Mahomes as his number one game builder. The imprint was wild right away.

Mika Laurila is a familiar voice as an expert narrator of NFL and Maple League matches.

Photo: Ismo Henttonen

Mahomes was only elected tenth in the 2017 booking ceremony. The Chicago Bears, who were second in the selection, thus ended up with the wrong quarterback after relying on Mitchell Trubisky.

Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs right after his second full season as champion of the league and was named the most valuable player in the Super Bowl. The championship was the Chiefs ’first in 50 years.

The quarterback who signed the giant contract is a second-generation professional athlete. Father Pat Mahomes, who returned from baseball, was a tough class pitcher at MLB. Laurila, familiar from the NFL and Maple League commentary booth, spares no overtones when describing the playful qualities of the biggest star in American football.

- Self-confidence, a suitable combination of running and improvising ability and a completely phenomenal throwing hand. Mahomes is a combination of tough statistics and style, Laurila says.

- I think the power of the throwing hand is already in the genes. The fact that he has been following his father’s excerpts prepared Mahomes for that circus, to play his profession in the big arenas, and to be a mature quarterback.

As a younger, Mahomes was considered a hard talent in several different sports

- He played basketball, Yankee football and baseball in high school and at the beginning of his college career. Many felt that he chose the least money-rich species for the individual. Now he came and revolutionized the entire NFL awards, Laurila says.

- The agreement is exceptionally long and in the future all cases will be compared to this. He has now set a new roof. What should the next quarterback do to get an equally lucrative deal after a newcomer deal?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is celebrating his team’s touchdown in the final moments of the Super Bowl.

Photo: Paul Kitagaki Jr. / Zuma

- It should happen a lot and at a really young age, but yes, agreements like this will still come, Laurila believes.

Mahomes ’contract is staggered so that the biggest accounts are only promised in the final periods of the 10-year contract.

When a man's basic salary is less than one million euros next season, it will already be more than 33 million in 2031. Of course, in the coming seasons, the quarterback will have the opportunity to earn much higher earnings with various bonuses.

For comparison, one player who earned more than 11,060 euros played in the Finnish Maple League last season, says Jari Salonen, Executive Director of the Finnish American Football Association.

The taxable income of 11,060 euros is considered a kind of professional measure in Finland, because players who earn it and more must be insured against accidents and old age.

Mikko Huotari, the director of the Superpesis sports unit, estimates that less than a hundred players will earn more than that amount in the men's series. The average salary of Superpesis is estimated at 13,000 euros for the season and a dozen players earn over 30,000 euros.

The best-earning Finnish team athlete in the world is NHL hockey player Mikko Rantanen, who earns about 10 million euros from the season. Sebastian Aho achieves almost the same with his signature bonuses.

The order will probably go to a new faith when Lauri Markkanen, who earns about six million euros next season, extends his income agreement.

Teemu Puk's Premier League seasonal earnings with goal bonuses are likely to exceed more than two million euros.

In the Finnish leagues, the Finnish Champions League skates in their lonely loneliness, with top players earning more than 200,000 euros per season in the top teams.

What could you buy with Mahomes ’future salary?

Mahomes ’10-year extension would thus be worth $ 503 million if all bonus clauses materialized. The amount corresponds to approximately EUR 444 million. IS found out how many different products close to Finns could be bought with the sum.

The best-selling products in the Finnish grocery trade are cereal and bread products. Vaasa's Rye Pieces, one of the most popular breads, would receive more than 260 million packs of 12 bread pieces purchased with Mahomes' 10-year salary. More than 630 million gallons of skim milk could be transported home.

Restaurant terraces have been popular as corona restrictions have eased and the weather has eased. Mahomes' tea liquids could sit on the terrace for a long time, as the amount would cover about 68 million beer mugs.

Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl championship in February.

Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

During the corona spring, respirators, your hands and, especially in the early stages of a pandemic, toilet paper, among others, became popular with consumers.

Disposable face mask could of EUR 444 million to buy 740 million shares, in which case the people of Finland's five and a half million inhabitants, enough to almost 135 per person in a mask. The pharmacy would bring more than 20,000 liters of handbags.

During the early Corona period, images of rooms lined with toilet paper were seen on social media. If the value of Mahomes ’contract were to be used for this product, there would be a need for a fairly large inventory. The packaging of 32 rolls would receive more than 40 million pieces, ie a total of almost 1.3 billion rolls of paper.

During March and April, Business Finland distributed approximately EUR 245 million in development money to Finnish companies as a Korona grant. The contract for the most valuable player in the Super Bowl would cover this amount 1.8 times. Bankruptcies would probably be avoidable with that amount commendably.

The amount for Finnish sports would also be shockingly large. The largest salaries in the Finnish series are paid in the Finnish Hockey League.

Oulun Kärpät won the regular season last season, which was interrupted due to the pandemic. The flies' announced player budget for the past season was three million euros, so 444 million would be enough for Oulu residents for 148 season player rewards.