US Secretary of State Stephen Vaughan visited the Foreign Ministry this morning (8th). Reporters connect with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Reporter Kim Hye-young and Vice Minister of Vegan Affairs met with Deputy Prime Minister Cho Se-young, and what message did they give?


Yes, Secretary of Defense Vice Minister Kang Kyung-hwa met with Minister Cho Se-young in the morning following the prevention of Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa , and discussed briefly on current issues in the United States and the region.

He said he agreed to try to deliver acceptable results to each other as soon as possible in relation to the negotiations for the share of defense expenses.

In addition, he revealed that he agreed to work together to promote the smooth development and dissemination of Corona 19 vaccines and treatments, as well as the G7 summit invitation and expansion talks.

With the recent conflict between the United States and China, we have reaffirmed our willingness to cooperate with South Korea's new southern policy and the US's Indian Pacific strategy.

He said that the first US-ROK alliance was discussed. He emphasized the US willingness to defend the Korean Peninsula and the consensus with Assistant Secretary.

He also said that he will continue to consult closely with Korea regarding peace on the Korean Peninsula and look forward to progress this year.

We also expressed our appreciation for supporting Korea's diagnostic equipment during the difficult times of the United States through the spread of Corona19.


Reporter Kim Hye-young and the second informal interview where interest in the contents of North Korea's messages was gathered started?


The informal conference took place a while ago.

He said he strongly supports inter-Korean cooperation and believes it is an important factor in creating a more stable environment on the Korean Peninsula.

He emphasized that he was in charge of this issue, not North Korea Choi Sang-hee, the first deputy head of North Korea, and former US aide, Bolton.

However, Lee Do-hoon reaffirmed that he had a flexible position to achieve a balanced agreement when he resumed talks with North Korea.

Lee Do-hoon, the general manager, said that he had in-depth discussions on how to start a conversation in the near future.

He emphasized that dialogue and negotiations to solve the problem are the only way, and that the United States must do its best to swiftly resume.