▲'People's Peace Statue' that fell to the side

The'Girls of Peace' installed in Annandale, Virginia, USA has been damaged.

On the afternoon of the 6th of local time, a man knocked over a girl statue installed in the front yard of a building in Annandale.

At that time, a Korean girl who passed by re-established the fallen girl statue, but the man who knocked over the girl statue ran away from the scene after falling over the girl statue again.

The identity and motive of the man who overturned the girl statue is not known exactly, but it is assumed that he is a Korean who often roams the area of ​​Annandale.

Fortunately, the girl statue was not damaged, and the Washington Hope Butterfly, who founded the girl statue, said it was planning to report the man to the police to prevent recurrence.

The Annandale Girls' Award was made in Korea and arrived in the United States in November 2016. After being disturbed by the Japanese side, she was unable to find an installation site and was kept in a warehouse. In October last year, she found a home in the present place.

The Annandale Girls' Award is the fifth girl in peace to be installed in the United States.

Earlier, in September of last year, a woman in her 60s was arrested and handed over to the court for allegedly damaging the first Glendale girl statue in California.

(Photo = Yonhap News)