Right from the start, a caveat: this story isn’t about a miraculous new diet that will help you shed pounds faster than a miracle trade.

Unfortunately, weight loss regimens do not work.

The most effective way to reduce excess body fat is to look honestly at your own eating habits and then start making changes to the habits that originally caused you to gain weight.

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You don’t have to give up everything, but it’s worth reducing the calorie bombs.

- If a strict diet can help you lose weight, the pounds will return as soon as you return to the old ways, but the need for energy is now even lower. That is why calm, permanent changes are a better way to lose weight, says internal medicine specialist, Professor Pertti Mustajoki.

This is how the diet spiral is created

Mustajoki is one of Finland's best-known weight management experts.

In his long career, he has had time to see many hit diets, so he is well aware of their weaknesses as well.

- I don't even want to talk about dieting, because it reminds me of fashion diets.

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First, it is worth considering whether the need for weight loss is real.

If you were thinking of embarking on a strict diet just because of unrealistic appearance goals, think again. The end result can be that the pounds come back with interest and the diet cycle is complete.

Permanent weight loss requires a desire to live a healthier life

Permanent shrinkage of the fat layer is not difficult, but it requires commitment and a desire to live a healthier life for the rest of your life.

- Even the weight index is only an indicative measure based on the average. If the body mass index is over 25 and the fat is weighted in the lower body, it can be innocent and even beneficial to health.

- If, on the other hand, fat accumulates around the waist, it is probably also in the abdominal cavity. This in turn poses a wide range of health risks.

Men should try to keep the waist measurement below 100 centimeters, women below 90 centimeters.

Attached are 12 steps to permanent weight management based on Pertti Mustajoki's experience. They can be implemented at least one at a time.

12 easy steps to weight loss:

1. Forget the strict pound and time goal

You are now making moderate changes that will easily reduce your calorie intake. Give the changes time to make an impact. With these changes, you can lose 1 to 2 pounds of extra fat in a month. If you are overweight, after a year you can lose 10 to 20 pounds less.

2. Be the first to leave high-calorie drinks

Many unnoticed get a huge amount of extra calories from drinking. Sugar-containing drinks, beer, and fresh juice do not increase the feeling of satiety, so you should still eat the same amount of food with them as with low-calorie drinks. Water, coffee, and non-alcoholic beer are light options that are worth switching to at least some sugary drinks.

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3. Reduce sweet treats, not healthy food

Sweet treats - chocolate, candies, wieners, biscuits - easily become a huge amount of extra calories. If you have eaten them many times a week in the past, even reducing them already reduces the number of calories very effectively.

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Quite ordinary walking is an unbeatable form of movement that is really suitable for many.

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4. Salty delicacies are as cataly as sugary ones

Salty snacks - potato chips, Cheesecakes, popcorn - are just as fattening as sweet treats. You can have a treat sometimes, but don’t take these for everyday use.

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5. Pay attention to regular weekday lunches and dinners

Hamburger products and pizzas have many more calories than regular Finnish meals. For example, if you tend to eat fast food often for lunch, switch to at least part of the lunch for regular meals. For example, traditional snacks are a much better option for weight management because they have a much lower energy density than fast foods. If you love fast food, make it a Delicious Moment once a week, and you'll probably appreciate it even more.

6. Buy a smaller bag

If you buy ready meals or even candy or chips on a gourmet day, don’t buy large pack sizes and portions. Large servings always become extra calories.

7. Walking is a really good exercise

If possible, increase movement. Quite ordinary walking is an unbeatable form of movement that is really suitable for many. Walking burns calories and thus also fat - whether you did it on a separate jog or as an exercise.

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8. Do only what bumps

From the changes mentioned above, choose the ones that “bump” and the ones that you feel you have the most room for improvement. You do not have to make all the changes at the same time.

9. Follow good developments

Monitor your weight and / or waist circumference at least once a week. It will allow you to see how the changes will work over the weeks.

10. Allow time to lose weight

With the changes described above, it is possible to lose 1-2 pounds per month. Because the amount of fluid in a person often varies by the same amount, the result may be masked by a change in fluid status. Therefore, new habits must be persistently pursued, even if at first it seems that nothing is happening. Over time, the result will appear.

11. Don’t compare your pace to others

The pace of weight loss is individual, so don’t compare yourself to others. For one, an annual drop of 10 pounds is a lot, another might shed double the amount in the same amount of time.

12. Make a decision when the time is right

If you feel terribly awkward making changes right now, leave it to the brew. Often, the decision to want to change old habits slowly matures.