Finnish music video director and photographer Viivi Huuska reveals in her Instagram story that she directed the new music video of singer star Zara Larsson's Love Me Land.

Huuska has directed music videos for many Finnish stars, such as Cheek, Chisu, and Mikael Gabriel. The Finnish director is also behind Pete Parkkonen's outrageous music video for Kohta sataa.

Huuska, 31, has also directed several advertising and campaign videos, such as Stockmann's 2019 Christmas commercials. Viivi Huuska is the sister of musician Cristal Snow.

Huuska shared a picture of Zara Larsson's new music video on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram / Screenshot

Zara Larsson’s long-awaited Love Me Land song will be released on Friday. The world-famous Swedish singer is known for the hit songs Lush life, Ain't My Fault, and Never Forget You, among others.

Larsson also sings in Clean Bandit’s super-popular Symphony song. The song has nearly a billion views on Youtube.

The 22-year-old singer star shared a clip of a music video directed by a Finnish director on his Instagram account.

Zara Larsson became popular in her home country as early as 2008 after winning the Swedish Talent Competition. Today, Larsson is also creating a career in the United States and has been successful internationally.

Zara Larsson, known for her hit song Lush Life, has performed in Finland several times. He was seen as Ed Sheeran's warmer last summer in Helsinki.

Director Viivi Huuska has worked with well-known Finnish artists.

Photo: Jonna Yletyinen

Zara Larsson is on good terms with the Finnish star Alma. The Swedish star has glowed Alma with his Instagram account, which is followed by about 6.2 million people.

Alma has also performed with the singer star. In February 2018, he published a picture on his Instagram posing with superstars. The stars appeared at the time in the Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1.

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